Provider load failure (in an EPiServer website)

August 8th, 2012

I recently got the exception “System.Management.ManagementException: Provider load failure” in a EPiServer CMS 5 website.

I had received the same exception before and saw that the stack trace appeared to point towards the component EPiServer.Community.Licensing which led me to believe that there was a problem with the license file. Making sure that both the EPiServer license and Community license were in place fixed the problem then, but not this time.

It seems that the problem had to do with the network groups and the mixed Active Directory in the local network. The weird thing is that playing with some weird server configuration and/or turning on and off the wireless adapter on the local machine would sometimes make the site work for a random amount of time.

Anyway, the mixed network environment is temporary but until then it seems the only way is to use a virtual machine with no connection to the network for development.

Apparently EpiServer 5 need to check MAC addresses of all adapters when checking the license file, so you might need to have the Wireless adapter enabled to avoid these type of errors.

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