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Javascript files, CSS files and images inexplicably requires login in EPiServer

June 17th, 2012

I recently experienced some files, such as javascripts and images, could not load in a website running EPiServer. When testing with the url directly to one of these files the EPiServer login page appeared. Logging in wouldn’t even help.

After checking file rights I noticed that the file had an unusual attribute, which caused the EPiServer login page to appear; “Encrypt contents to secure data”. I’m not sure why that attribute was set, but it seems the Windows built in ZIP extractor set the attribute automatically when extracting an entire folder. Extracting using 7-Zip did not result in the attribute being set.

Anyway, to remove the attribute just go to properties, click Advanced button and remove the Encrypt contents to secure data attribute.
…and don’t use the Windows ZIP tool. Ever.