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Context menu missing in EPiServer CMS

May 2nd, 2011

If the right click context menu is missing in EPiServer CMS, the reason might not be obvious. First of all you should check if the context menu javascript is visible in the html source code, which should include something like this: var menu1 = new ContextMenu();

If the javascript of the context menu is visible, the problem could be:

  • There is a javascript error on your page. Debug your javascript and fix the problem, or begin by removing all of your javascript to see if the context menu appears.
  • You’re using a browser which doesn’t support it.

If you don’t see the javascript, the possible reason could be:

  • You don’t have sufficient rights to see the rightmenu. If this is the cause, you will most likely not be able to access edit mode by manually entering the address either.
  • It is disabled in admin mode, check setting by going to Admin -> Config tab -> Plug-in Manager -> EPiServer -> Overview tab -> Page Extensions section -> ContextMenu checkbox
  • You are missing the form tag in your page. Add <form runat=server>.
  • You are using an Enterprise version of EPiServer, and have a bad configuration in either episerver.config or EPiServerFramework.config.
    Check the siteHosts settings in both files; the language setting should not differ, nor should it be specified in only one of the config files. See correct example below.
    EpiServerFramework.config: <siteHosts siteId=”MySite”><add name=”” language=”en” /></siteHosts>
    episerver.config: <siteHosts><add name=”” language=”en” /></siteHosts>