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Modal dialog window unable to send returnValue in Google Chrome

March 18th, 2011

Yesterday I noticed very odd behaviour in an editor interface using a javascript showModalDialog function.

After a lot of testing and pulling my hair, I came to the conclusion that it’s a bug in Google Chrome (tested in Chrome version 10) which cause the return value to be unreadable from the modal window, after a redirection of any kind (reload, post, etc) has occurred.

When the content of the modal window first loads, there’s no problem at all. After a post inside the window has been made, or for instance a change page link has been clicked, the connection to the parent window seems to be broken for ever and ever. The returnValue will be “undefined” until the window is closed and a new modal dialog has been opened.

I made a testpage to recreate this bug in Google Chrome, test it here:
modalDialogTest (opens in new tab/window)

AD connection denied after full search using membership provider

March 18th, 2011

If you have a custom membership provider connected to an Active Directory and a full user search is made in EPiServer admin mode, the AD can stop connecting with the user running the website.

The error generated is “Unknown error (0×80005000)” and the solution is to disable full searches for users in the custom membership provider.

If the AD has started to block the connections the IIS seems to need a restart (or at least the website need to restart) in order for the AD connection to start working properly again.